Tinnitus Causes – The 3 Most Common Reasons

Surprisingly, in this day and age, relatively little is certain about tinnitus causes.

Many of us know what it is to suffer from tinnitus yet no one is absolutely certain what it is that actually generates those sounds of tinnitus.

It is not surprising then that the causes of tinnitus should remain largely unknown too.

What Causes Tinnitus

Most common:

There are three areas of influence that do appear to have an effect on the onset and or intensity of tinnitus.

These are the impact of external noise, the physical health of the hearing mechanism which we call the ear, and the general health of the rest of the body.

Unquestionably exposure to loud or persistent noise is known to be one of the prime causes of tinnitus, as well as physically damaging the ear.

a.External Noises:

Noise causes tinnitus

The world we live in is an unnaturally loud place to be.

Our ears are subject to an enormous range of noises from traffic, machinery and aircraft and of course music.

This is all good if it wasn’t so loud. Our ears were never designed to be subjected to such intense levels of noise.

In our ignorance, we further exacerbate the problem by enjoying our music at extreme volume.

Now many of us still further intensify this onslaught on our delicate hearing mechanism by delivering that intense sound directly into our ears through the constant use of earphones.

The incidence of tinnitus is likely to rise drastically over the years to come as a result of this naivety.

b.Ear Physical Health:

Any malady directly affecting the ear has the potential to initiate tinnitus.

That can be from something as simple as a build-up of wax blocking the ear, something as complex as otosclerosis, which is a deformation of the delicate bones in the middle ear, or perhaps from just an ear infection caused by a virus or bacteria.

All are potential tinnitus causes.

c.General Health:

Stress is known to contribute to the onset of tinnitus

Stress is known to contribute to the onset of tinnitus. Where tinnitus is already present any form of stress is likely to aggravate the condition.

Emotional stress is high on this list of aggravators with physical stress often caused by overwork coming close behind.

Those who suffer from pathological stress who are by nature anxious or worriers are only too easily a victim to the sounds of tinnitus too.

The onset of tinnitus can on rare occasions be an indicator of more pressing issues of health.

Especially when other symptoms are noticed with the start of tinnitus it is very important to see your doctor.

b.Other Health Problems:

Events such as an acoustic neuroma, a growth or tumor within the ear will display balance and hearing problems with the tinnitus.

Neurological disorders are sometimes preceded by the onset of tinnitus as are metabolic abnormalities such as problems with the thyroid gland.

Anemia can sometimes instigate pulsatile tinnitus as on occasion will disorders of the arteries or blood vessels in the head and neck.

Should I go to the doctor if I have ringing in the Ears?

The important thing to take from this is that as tinnitus causes are so varied it makes a great deal of sense to visit your doctor straight away.

The probability is that he will check you over and tell you that there are no physical tinnitus causes and that you will have to learn to live with it.

He will also probably tell you that there is nothing that can be done for you.

That is exactly what my doctor told me. I didn’t accept that I would live with it then. I don’t accept it now.

How to deal with tinnitus

It is true that for most people there is no medical cure in the absolute sense of the word.

However, there are ways of dealing with tinnitus and tinnitus causes that for a great many people to deliver blessed relief.

And yes, because the sounds of tinnitus can be sent away, you would have to say that there can be a tinnitus liberation.

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