The Sounds of Tinnitus – (WHAT DOES LIKE)

Tinnitus is a very private complaint. No one can see it, there’s nothing to see. No one else can hear it, there’s nothing for them to hear. But the sounds of tinnitus are very much there for the sufferer. The sounds of tinnitus are always there. The sounds of tinnitus come from somewhere deep inside the mind and no one really knows why they come.

Tinnitus is described as the sensation of hearing a noise such as a buzzing, a ringing, or a whistling that comes from no external source.

This constant ringing in the ears can for one sufferer appear to come from just one ear or from both ears. Another sufferer will tell you it comes from deep inside their head. The sounds of tinnitus can be high pitched. They can be low pitched. They can be there all the time or they can come and they can go.

For a great many sufferers, for that is what we are, these noises are always there but in differing intensities.

In the quiet of the night or perhaps when driving the car alone and with no radio turned on the sounds of tinnitus manifest themselves out of nowhere and remind you that you are not alone. With the radio on or having people to talk to can take your attention and focus away from those tinnitus noises, making them fade off into the background. The more you think about them through the more these sounds are there and the more invasive they become.

The causes of ringing in the ears, the sounds of tinnitus, are not fully understood. Exposure to loud noise such as a bang or music being played excessively loudly can bring on a constant ringing in the ears. For most people that constant ringing in the ears will go away with time. For some though it does not.

Those noises take up a permanent residency in their head and become their own personal sounds of tinnitus.

There are millions of people affected by tinnitus noises. It can strike at any time and it can strike people of any age. It can be judged to be a result of an ear infection. It can be associated with a general hearing loss. These sounds can be induced by stress and certainly for many sufferers exacerbated by it. But for most people what causes ringing in the ears, of that invasive and constant ringing in the ears, the causes of the sounds of tinnitus will remain a mystery because in truth no one really knows.

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