How I Turned Down My Own Tinnitus Sounds

Once I had run the gambit of tests available through my doctor and the ENT department at the local hospital, I was invited for an assessment of the results of those tests.

At this meeting, I was informed that:

  • I had no discernable physical problems to worry about.
  • I had been diagnosed with tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus was a very common condition 
  • That there was no cure for tinnitus.
  • I would have to accept it.
  • I must learn to live with tinnitus sounds in my life.

At first, I became very stressed about my situation. I suffered from insomnia and depression and so my family tells me, I became very moody. I am sure that the mix of emotions I went through was no different from those that you who are reading this are going or have gone through.

It is important right from the start though to keep the lines of communication open with those closest to you. Emotionally closing yourself off from your loved ones will leave you isolated and alone. This will fuel your depression and increase the volume of the tinnitus sounds you are hearing.

I took to going out for long walks. I am fortunate in that I live close to the sea and would walk for miles along the shoreline to be alone. My thoughts were focused tightly on how I could cope with this new situation and contemplating a future living with tinnitus sounds constantly in my life.

It wasn’t long before I noticed how much better I felt about not just my tinnitus but about myself in general after these walks. Somehow I felt more positive. Positive that I would not accept living with tinnitus sounds in my head. I was going to do something about it. Here was the start of my own tinnitus liberation, no question about it.

I read anything and everything I could get hold of on the subject of tinnitus. In truth whilst of course, I learned a lot I felt no further forward with a plan to rid myself of tinnitus sounds as a result. But, I did keep coming back to how much better I felt after my daily walks.

So I decided that the start of my battle with turning down tinnitus sounds must begin with:

  1. Getting myself fit and healthy.
  2. Applying this equally to both my physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. Keeping a detailed journal of everything I ate and everything I drank, what exercise I took, and how I felt emotionally.
  4. To this, I added a 1-10 level indicator of the volume of tinnitus sounds I experienced each day.

I revisited a diet that I had followed once before. This was in the form of a book written by Patrick Holford and titled The Low-GL Diet Bible. Mr. Holford is a strong advocate of eating natural foods supplemented with vitamins and minerals. I remembered just how much better I had felt both physically and mentally when I had embraced the principles in this book.

I originally invested in the book after hearing Mr.Holford talking on the radio about increased energy levels with a low GL diet. I once more started to use the book as a guide, although I must admit that I didn’t stick rigidly to it.

Taking supplements of Omega 3 fish oil and a multivitamin high in Ginseng, Manganese, and Ginkgo Biloba extract with the diet and continuing with plenty of exercises and fresh air I found myself in a much better place altogether.

From my journal it became apparent that whilst all but cutting out caffeine and drinking plenty of water had a positive impact on my tinnitus sounds, the moderate amount of alcohol I drink had little or no effect at all for me.

I think taking some positive action helped in itself.

I purchased a white noise cd or two which I played in the car or listened to in bed and generally became more relaxed about the whole thing. The tinnitus sounds had definitely become less intrusive and I felt I was gaining some control.

Sleep came more easily and was rarely interrupted. When it was interrupted I just switched on my bedside sound therapy system and within a short space of time went back to sleep. Sleep provides a chance for your body to not only rest but to heal and repair itself. A good night’s sleep is as good a tonic as you can get and definitely helps promote a positive frame of mind which in turn reduces stress.

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